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LOCK Council

Our LOCK Council consists of Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade students. They are selected and placed into position based on their continued ability to display selfless acts of kindness and good character. These students have reached a level where their good character has become more of a natural reaction to life’s situations. They are held in high regard. They will be responsible for working closely with STEPS council to ensure that they are learning and able to carry out their responsibilities. LOCK council will work on encouraging their peers in these grades to get involved. Third, Fourth, and fifth grade is required to attend at least two- four “Pay It Forward” school events. Fifth grade is required to attend at least two-four “Pay It Forward” events.

An email is sent to all teachers in May to send LOCK council recommendations. The students picked should be real standout children who display the qualities of good character naturally. They are leaders and not followers and good examples for their peers.

Teachers are asked to answer the following questions when recommending a student and hand in recommendations at the end of the week.

  1. What is their character like?
  2. What makes them stand out from their peers?
  3. How will this student be an asset to our LOCK council?

The committee meets to review all recommendations and determine who will be on LOCK Council.


L.O.C.K. Members:


Emma Frongillo

Jacob Razefsky

Benjamin Razefsky

Madeline Gamerdella