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The Officers of the PTA are, President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer. The term of the office is a one-year term from July 1, through June 30th. All officers are expected to attend PTA meetings, chair a committee and assist/attend all PTA functions.

The PTA is a wonderful way to become involved in our children’s education.
Please consider running for a position on our school’s PTA.

*** This form will close out on May 1, 2023. Floor nominations will be accepted through the April PTA meeting.***

Paws & Rise

We are accepting applications and payment for PAWS and RISE for those families that wish to begin our before and after school program on the first day of school.
Please complete the form attached prior to making any payments.

Stop and Drop procedures 2022-23.

Stop and drop begins at 7:30am and ends promptly at 8:00am. Please remember that this is a courtesy for our families. Safety is our primary concern and double parked vehicles cause substantial risks to our students. We can't wait to see our little Bengals next week.


PS 29 continues to work to promote social emotional learning in our school building. This year, we added to our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programming by implementing an SEL screener. Click on the above title for all the info.

What’s Happening in NYC Public Schools

Under our “Stay Safe, Stay Open” plan, our schools have remained open and among the safest places for
young people to be during the pandemic, including during the Omicron surge. We are determined to build
on that progress. This Family Update provides important information about our latest health and safety