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Covid testing

Our “Stay Safe, Stay Open” plan has succeeded in allowing us to keep our schools open and remain among the safest places for young people to be during the COVID-19 pandemic, including during the Omicron surge. To keep our school communities safe after the midwinter recess, we strongly encourage all students to get tested for COVID-19 before returning to school on February 28, regardless of vaccination status. Your child can test through a PCR, lab-based
rapid test, or a home test kit. Your child will come home with two COVID-19 home tests, which may be packaged in one box or two.


PS 29 continues to work to promote social emotional learning in our school building. This year, we added to our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programming by implementing an SEL screener. Click on the above title for all the info.

What’s Happening in NYC Public Schools

Under our “Stay Safe, Stay Open” plan, our schools have remained open and among the safest places for
young people to be during the pandemic, including during the Omicron surge. We are determined to build
on that progress. This Family Update provides important information about our latest health and safety

Please Read the new Covid-19 Rules!

Based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and NYSDOH guidance, the
Department of Education has updated its COVID-19 health policies. These changes continue to help us uphold our Stay Safe, Stay Open policy, which have been in place since the holiday break while also incorporating more recent policy changes from the CDC and New York State Department of Health.

Health Screening link

All students every morning and guests entering the building must complete a health screening form. A receipt of the completed form can be should on a device or printed out. Click on the title above to access the form.
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