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Uniforms and Dress Code



Every student is expected to wear the school assembly dress code which is a black shirt, preferably with the logo and tan pants or skirt. The apparel is available  through the school at The Uniform Shop and Wicked Stitches. The Uniform Shop is opened through-out the school year. Wicked Stitched will available 4 times a year. A list of when the window for ordering will be opened is listed below Please see below for the links.


Wicked Stitches:


 The Uniform Shop @ Kids Place

1541 Forest Ave #16, SI NY 10302


Student Dress Code

  • The school uniform is mandatory.
  • The school sweater, khaki pants, shorts, sweatpants or a khaki skirt or skort is an acceptable dress code for students.
  • It is not appropriate for students to wear clothing that has inappropriate language or messages. 
  • Remember, all children go out to play for recess even in cold weather. Be sure to send your child to school with the appropriate outerwear, including hats, gloves and winter coats. Please label all articles of clothing.
  • Sneakers are the safest footwear for students to wear to school.  For their safety, students who do not wear sneakers cannot participate in physical activity on gym days or in lunch recess.
  • Students are to wear closed shoes. Open backed clogs/crocs (with or without straps) and/or exposed toes are not allowed.  In warmer weather flip flops, slides or crocs are not permitted.  Parents will be contacted to bring a change of shoes.
  • Hats, hoods, bandanas or any kind of head covering should be removed upon entering the building, unless there is a medical or religious exemption.