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RISE Application


The RISE program  has been implemented to alliviate the morning hustle and bustle for parents and students. This program is offered on school days, starting at 7am. The program is not offered on days school is not in session. Only Prek-4 through 5th Grade are eligible. 


The cost for a single child is $50 per month.

Important Notes:

*Please don't bring personal games and toys to RISE.

Please fill out the below if you would like to register:

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Medical Alerts

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Please read and check off that you acknowledge and agree to the policies/conditions outlined below.

Public School 29 After School programs follow the NYC Department of Education Code of Discipline, which subjects all students to possible suspension or expulsion from the program contingent on their infractions. Parents are responsible to review the NYC Discipline Code with their child.*
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Parents/Guardians are responsible to submit monthly payments on time. Payments are due the 20th day of the month prior to attendance (ie. September 20th for October participation). Payments are considered late on the 25th day of the month). Late payments (3 times) will result in your child’s removal from the program. If you prefer to pay in advance that is perfectly acceptable.*
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