Welcome K-214

    Mrs. Licata & Ms. Cipriano





    December Reminders:

    Monday December 5th & Tuesday 6th- Holiday Fair

    Monday December 19th- Scool Trip 

    December 24th- January 2nd- Winter Break 




    Letters and Sigh Words:

    Sight words to know (a, I, see,like, go, can, on, the, to, is, in,it,we,me,my)

     Letters and sounds to know (t,b,f,m,n,i,u,r,a,o,e,p,b,c,d,g,s,l,h)


    Curriculum Conference Notes:

    1. Arrival - School begins promptly at 8:00am. All children are to walk along the paw path
    2. Dismissal - ANY CHANGE in dismissals must be in writing. We cannot accept a verbal change.  This is for your child’s safety.  If you send someone to pick up your child they MUST be on the blue emergency card and MUST have proper ID.  It is a good idea to have a least one person from the school or class on your card.
    3. Walkers - Children will be dismissed at 2:10pm in school yard by lunch room. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early due to large number of children in school yard.
    4. Emergency Cards - Each child is required to have all emergency cards filled out and must have all the same information
    5. Bus Tags - to be worn until further notice and must be returned daily
    6. Homework folders- check your child’s RED foldersevery night.  All homework and notices are to be signed daily.  If you have any questions for us please put a note in the homework folder as we will check them daily
    7. Labeled Envelopes - please put ALL money in a sealed envelope with child’s name, class and purpose on it. (Put in Homework folder)
    8. Absent Notes - put in Homework folder on the day your child returns to school.  A doctor’s note is required for absences. Vacation absences are against NYC D.O.E school policy.  You must call school before 8:30AM (718)556-4400                          
    9. Pencils - MUST have 2 sharpened pencils everyday.  It’s a good idea to invest in a sharpener for home.
    10. Forms, permission slips, book orders - Please return by due date in sealed envelope
    11. Trips - T.B.A. and chaperones appreciated
    12. Hot Lunch - For children that would like to eat hot lunch, they must bring in money as per lunch schedule provided. ALL HOT LUNCH FORMS MUST BE FILLED OUT ONLINE even if your child does not take hot lunch
    13. Cold Lunch - please NO hard lunch boxes! Soft boxes only! Please remember to put your child’s name and class on it.
    14. Gym - sneakers must be worn on gym days. Days to be announced.
    15. School uniforms - to be worn everyday.  It can be ordered online @ www.Landsend.com and CLASS TRIPS
    16. Label Everything - Everything must be labeled; including clothing, books, supplies, schoolbags etc.
    17. Class parties - only class parents attend unless otherwise noted
    18. Birthday parties - ONLY store bought items allowed.  No parents are permitted for birthday parties.  You may send in a small treat such as cupcakes, munchkins etc. (No Cakes) Treat bags are allowed. Individual drinks are allowed also, NO big bottles
    19. Breakfast Program - your child will receive breakfast everyday about 8am. There will be NO snacks in class.
    20. Reading Log - will be sent home and kept in their Book Baggie and should be filled out daily (more details to follow)
    21. Behavior Management-sticker chart on H.W. folder after 10 stickers your child will go to treasure chest.
    22. Community Outreach- “Pay It Forward” children earn paws for doing good deeds in and out of the school.  Such things as food pantries, meals on wheels, clothing drives, etc.
    23. Change of Clothes-Please send in a change of clothes (shirt, pants, underwear, and socks) and label all items.  Put in a Ziploc bag and label the bag also.
    24. Test/Assessments-all test must be signed and returned the next day
    25. Remind 101-Must sign up for remind 101.  Text @ k214 to 2673884196
    26. Email- Teach29k214@gmail.com or jlicata5@schools.nyc.gov or Cip1215@aol.com

    **Please send in 2 rolls of paper towels, 2 boxes of tissues, 2 packages of baby wipes, 1 hand sanitizer.  Even if you already purchased a school supply kit.

    **It may be a good idea to invest in a stapler and electric pencil sharpener you will need these items on a daily basis.



    Mrs. Joann Licata & Ms. Danielle Cipriano



    Math Topics

    Topic 1: Numbers 0-5

    Topic 2: Compare Numbers 0-5

    Topic 3: Numbers 6-10

    Topic 4: Compare Numbers 0-10

    Topic 5: Classify and Count Data

    Topic 6: Understand Addition

    Topic 7: Understand Subtraction

    Topic 8: More Addition and Subtraction

    Topic 9: Count Numbers to 20

    Topic 10: Compose and Decompose Numbers 11-19

    Topic 11: Count Numbers to 100

    Topic 12: Identify and Describe Shapes

    Topic 13: Analyze, Compare, and Create Shapes

    Topic 14: Describe and Compare Measurable Attributes


    Writing Units:

    Unit 1: Launching the Writing Unit

    Unit 2: Writing a Narrative Story

    Unit 3: Writing for Information

    Unit 4: Writing a Persuasive Piece


    Reading Units:

    Unit 1: We are readers

    Unit 2: Reading with Print Strategies and Sight Word Power

    Unit 3: Bigger Books, Bigger Reading Muscles

    Unit 4: Becoming an Avid Reader


    Social Studies: Communities, Holidays/Historical People

    Science: Weather, Five Senses, Seasons & Recycling