• Parent Coordinator

    Jennifer Pagano
    Phone: 718-556-4400
    The parent coordinator is here to engage families to participate in both school and community activities and hope to act as a liaison between the parents and school leaders to ensure a positive organizational climate. 

    Our Parent Coordinator is here to support the PTA and broaden parental involvement.

    PTA President: Toni Ann Spinella
    Visit the parent portal to access information about instructional programs, enrollment procedures, DOE rules and regulations, health and support services, as well as news and other resources.

    Admissions and Graduation Requirements

    Student Enrollment 


    See Series A-101: Admissions, Readmissions, Transfer and List Notice for All Students and Series A-501: Promotion Standards.


    Language Access Policy

    The NYCDOE's Language Access Policy outlines how, when, and why we translate documents.

    The Parent's Guide to Language Access is also a resource for parents. This is a multilingual brochure that:

    • Informs parents of their right to free translation and interpretation services.
    • Includes a cut out "I Speak" card.
    • Directs parents to translated content on the NYCDOE website.
    • Reminds parents to email us at InYourLanguage@schools.nyc.gov or call us at 718-935-2013 to provide feedback on language services.