Promotion Policy

We believe each student has the right to be a productive, proud, participating member of a family, community and society, and that all students deserve a just quality of life. School is a place where students are safe, nurtured, valued and are involved in opportunities and experiences that maximize their potential. It is a place where all constituents work in harmony receiving all necessary supports.  At PS 29, we value above all else, the importance of a partnership with parents, that supports and respects their aspirations for their children. It is our collective responsibility to equip all students with skills that maximum their independence and enable them to be college and career ready in the 21st century.

PS 29 Promotion Policy


In accordance with Chancellor’s Regulation A-501 and the NYCDOE Promotion Implementation Guide, PS 29 has defined benchmarks and multiple measures that students must achieve in order to be promoted to the next grade level. Each measure, and its benchmark, represents the content and skills students need to master, or show sufficient progress towards, in order to be ready for and successful in the next grade. These grade-level benchmarks, established in September of each school-year, will be communicated to students and families to ensure a mutual understanding of what students need to accomplish throughout the year, in order to be ready for the next grade level.  The Promotion Policy is designed to ensure that all students in a given grade are held to the same promotion benchmarks and enter the next grade with the same level of readiness.


PS 29 Multiple Measures & Benchmarks For Promotion


For promotion purposes, students must evidence mastery of content and readiness for the next grade, by performance at or above the levels indicated.  Multiple Measures have been established separate and apart from the “Course Mark” measure, however Multiple Measures also live inside the “Course Mark” measure.

  • Grades K-2: students must meet the “Course Mark” measure in ELA & Math; if not, then 2 of the 3 remaining measures must be met to be “recommended” for promotion
  • Grades 3-5: students must meet the “Course Mark” measure in ELA & Math; if not, then 3 of the 5 remaining measures must be met to be promoted


Grade Level



Course Mark

Grades K-2 (ELA & Math)


Both subjects

Grades 3-5 (ELA & Math)


Per subject decision


Learning Culminating

Assignment (PBL)

Grades K-5 (ELA & Math)


Per subject decision

Periodic Assessments 


+3 levels from entry

Towards ELA

K-5: (EoY NY Student Learning Inventory)

Scoring protocol provided by publisher

Both Subject

NYSED Assessments

Grades 3-5 (NYSED ELA & Math)


Preliminary Results

NYCDOE Promotion Portfolios

Grades 3-5 (ELA & Math)

“Blackline Master”

Scoring protocol provided by NYCDOE

Per subject decision


Please note, Promotion in Doubt letters are generated in February of each school-year and sent to students and families who may be at risk of not meeting the promotion benchmarks for their grade level in their Course Mark.