5th Grade Announcements

5th Grade Dues

To pay for the Due (yearbook graduation fee & lawn sign) please click on the link below:
Things needed for yearbook parents/guardians:
We are in need your help to complete your child's yearbook. Please complete the below questionnaire. The below form includes a question for a parent message of well wishes to their child that will be included below their photo in the yearbook. There is also a section that will prompt you to upload a baby photo of your child. 
Every year we ask for parents/guardians to submit any pictures that have through the years of any class events or school trips. To upload the photos please see the below link for step-by-step instructions on how to upload all pictures. 

5th Grade School Photo

If any 5th grader has yet to take their school photo, they must contact Yearbook Innovations, located at 4038 Victory Blvd and schedule an appointment as soon as possible by calling 1-888-699-7257. We encourage all 5th graders to take a photo so they can be placed in the yearbook, even if parents/guardians have no interest in purchasing photos. 

Open Houses for Middle Schools

Middle Schools Applications are Open

Get ready for middle school! All New York City 5th graders can apply to middle school this winter. The middle school application deadline to apply is February 9. Apply to up to 12 programs on your child’s application: list programs in your true order of preference, with your first choice at the top as #1.

Apply one of three ways: online withMySchools, or through Family Welcome Center.Questions?Watch the“How to Apply to Middle or High School” MySchools tutorial.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the above- Thank you!